Wallpaper Hanging in Northampton,
Wellingborough and the Surrounding Areas

Has your home got some old wallpaper you’d like replaced? Do you want to be more creative with your walls? We can help with both. Our team provides stripping and wallpaper hanging services in Northampton, Wellingborough and the surrounding areas. We can cut sheets of wallpaper to fit on any wall, no matter the height, the angle or the fixtures on it.

When using wallpaper, it is important to hire the professionals to ensure it is hung correctly and that it will last.

Working edge-to-edge, and dealing with switches, sockets and corners, comes naturally to our team. We apply wallpaper in a full range of materials, including the most popular printed and vinyl designs, and we always work from matching rolls.

From a single room to the entire property, we cover it all.

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Our Process

Wallpaper needs to be hung on a smooth wall. This is to ensure the wallpaper completely adheres to it. We start by removing any nails or hooks from the wall. Once this is done, we will ensure the holes left behind are filled in and sanded flat. This will prepare a bare or damaged wall for us to begin hanging the wallpaper.

If you want us to replace existing wallpaper, we will strip off the old, and ensure the wall is prepared for the new, as part of our painting and decorating services in Northampton, Wellingborough and the surrounding areas.

When the wall is smooth, we will clean it at this stage and once again before wallpaper hanging begins. This is done to remove any dust particles from sanding, and it will ensure the wallpaper adheres to the wall and doesn’t lift.

Based on the condition of the wall, we may apply a lining paper before hanging the wallpaper itself. This is done to smooth out the base and cover any last imperfections left on the wall. If we are papering over drywall, we will use an oil-based primer to seal it first.

Samples and Styles

We provide samples to help you choose which wallpaper design you want. Planning our approach to wallpaper hanging carefully is important and we only cut to fit your walls when this stage is complete. Our decorators then prepare the adhesive paste and, finally, we hang the paper and check that it has adhered to every inch of your wall.

At Grosvenor Painting Contractors Ltd, we hang wallpaper in all rooms and homes across Northampton, Wellingborough and the surrounding areas. This includes bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, we work on feature walls in your home, giving you splashes of colour or a wallpaper design with a bold pattern.

Contact us on 07951 274566 for wallpaper hanging in Northampton, Wellingborough and the surrounding areas.


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