Internal and External Painter in Northampton
Transforming Homes with Paint, Wallpaper Hanging and More

When it comes to making changes to your home, you may be thinking of renovating or extending. Both options are great, but costly. As an internal and external painter and decorator, we can transform your home in an affordable and efficient manner. We avoid the disruption that comes with extensions or renovations. Our team provides minimally invasive services, including kitchen door spraying, wallpaper hanging and wall murals. Small changes can help you express your style.

The services we provide can transform homes in Northampton without turning them into a building site.


We all know the kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home. Being the most used room, it can show signs of wear and tear quite quickly, especially with the cabinets and drawers. Scratches, stains and discolouration can make your kitchen look constantly dirty.

Kitchen door spraying completely changes the look and style of a room. Because cabinets take up a great deal of space, they are a big contributor to the aesthetic. We remove doors and drawer fronts from your Northampton home, taking them to our spray booth for refinishing.


When it comes to your bathroom, as an internal and external painter and decorator, we can provide wallpaper hanging services or apply tiles to liven things up. Based on the type of surface, it is also possible to lay wall murals over tiles. During the course of time, tiling on floors can get cracked and broken, making them look unattractive and creating sharp edges that could be hazardous.

We come in and remove old floor tiles and replace them, creating a clean and safe surface. To update the walls, we hang wallpaper in bathrooms with a precise technique, avoiding the effects of humidity.

External Painting

As an external painter, we can match the current colour of your wall and give it a fresh coat, or we can use a new one. With smaller homes, we will hand paint the walls and roofline. On the other hand, with larger properties, we will make use of render spraying equipment to complete our work efficiently.

It is important that we maintain complete control with any type of onsite spraying, not just to stop the spread of overspray but to also halt the emission of harmful chemicals.

Internal Walls

With internal walls, you may be thinking paint. Why not mix it up with some wallpaper or wall murals? Adding patterns or a feature wall with wallpaper hanging or murals, we can create some playful tones for homes in Northampton and the surrounding areas. For example, we can hang wallpaper on one wall and paint the others in a complementary colour.

As an experienced painter and decorator, we can use paint, wallpaper and murals to make any room feel larger. When it comes to kitchens, we not only provide kitchen door spraying, but we will also hand paint the walls to ensure everything looks new and suits your style.

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